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5 Industrial and commercial energy storage equipment and applications

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5 Industrial and commercial energy storage equipment and applications

1. Industrial and commercial outdoor cabinet-type optical storage systems (air-cooled cabinets and liquid-cooled cabinets)

The Ubest outdoor cabinet optical storage system combines energy storage battery, PCS and power distribution, temperature control, fire protection, flooding door magnet, monitoring, and communication into a single system. It has the capabilities of grid voltage regulation, three-phase imbalance management, harmonic management, and other features. It is capable of fully controlling the system operation status and risk and significantly enhancing the quality of electric power.

Dynamic capacity expansion, free parallel AC and DC selection, multiple non-communication line remote parallel functionality, off-grid switching functionality, and customized energy management strategy to enable remote equipment upgrade. According to the power use layout, safeguarding the circuit's regular and stable operation, avoiding the effects of a class load's frequent start and stop, reducing risk, and lowering maintenance costs, the economic value is more important.

Standardized structural layout, flexible optional photovoltaic charging module, on- and off-grid switching module, industrial frequency transformer, and other components, flexible configuration, widely used in optical storage and charging, capacitance amplification and power preparation, island micro-grids, table governance, and other scenarios.

2. Multi-branch modular energy storage converter

Ubest multi-branch modular energy storage converter has a compact appearance and small footprint, without a transformer, and with high conversion efficiency. It is controlled individually by five 100kW modules, each DC branch is connected to a 200kWh battery independently, and the AC side is connected with a unified switch.

This series is dedicated to industrial and commercial peak shaving and valley filling, using the intelligent microgrid management system to monitor the customer's transformer capacity in real time and set the boundaries, offsetting the load stickiness of the industrial park through energy storage to achieve peak shaving and valley filling and demand optimization. In addition, multiple modules are placed in a cabinet for flexible capacity expansion, with a conversion efficiency of more than 98.5%; transportation and construction are more convenient, significantly reducing costs; and meeting the diverse needs of industry and commerce with stronger economy and security.

3. Power storage converter (PCS)

For different industrial and commercial scenarios, Ubest breaks down the system into smaller power modules, which can be flexibly matched with modularized system solutions. The modules include a DC/AC power module (applicable to photovoltaic, energy storage, hydrogen production, and remote supply), DC/DC power module (applicable to photovoltaic, energy storage, and flexible direct), and STS power module (applicable to seamless switching and uninterruptible power supply). The three types of power modules can be freely matched to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Mone-100 DC/AC two-way conversion module, rated power 100kW, with PQVF, VSG, CV, MPPT multiple operating modes; three-level topology, conversion efficiency of up to 99%, can maximize the economy of the energy storage system; compatible with three-phase three-wire/four-wire output, with the function of on-grid and off-grid, to achieve the black-start of the energy storage system.

4. Grid-connected switching device

Monet series STS power module, with voltage and current amplitude-frequency and phase synchronization detection and communication, can realize 0ms seamless switching of microgrid system on and off the grid to ensure the reliability of power supply.

Utilizing the anti-islanding protection strategy and seamless switching with Ubest STS power modules, the UPS-type energy storage uninterruptible power supply can solve the biggest pain point of industrial and commercial users in the face of the crisis of power limitation, guarantee the users' production without power, and improve the value of the project.

Industrial parks, villas, and overseas markets have a lot of demand for "peak shaving and valley filling + seamless power supply", such as the case of PV self-generation and self-consumption project in Chengdu Park, and Ubest has completed four or five similar projects in the first half of 2023.

5. Mobile energy storage system

Mobile energy storage emergency power supply vehicle consists of the energy storage system, vehicle system, and auxiliary control system. With the vehicle as the carrier, the vehicle can provide emergency power supply and uninterrupted power supply to important loads, which can be applied to power supply to important loads, such as international events, major conferences, large-scale activities, and other occasions; and it can also provide temporary power supply to mobile power stations, such as post-disaster rescue construction, electric power overhaul, emergency charging and rescue of electric vehicles, and military field training. It can also provide temporary power supply for mobile power stations, such as disaster relief construction, electric power overhaul, electric vehicle emergency charging rescue, military field training, etc.; at the same time, it combines with photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation to provide more stable power supply for the powerless area.

Applications of Industrial Energy Storage Systems

An industrial energy storage system is a system that is capable of storing electrical energy and releasing it when needed to manage and optimize energy in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. It typically consists of a battery pack, control system, thermal management system, and monitoring system, among other things, and is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of electrical energy to meet the needs of certain applications. Click here for 100kW 200kWh Industrial Battery Energy Storage System.

Industrial energy storage systems can be used in a variety of scenarios, including but not limited to the following:

Balancing the power network: During times of peak power demand, energy storage systems can release stored power to balance the power system.

New Energy Optimization: By storing electricity from new energy sources such as solar power and wind power generation for power load demand or power reserve.

Energy Storage Power Generation: In times of low power demand, the energy storage system stores power for generator sets to generate electricity.

Emergency Backup Power: In case of sudden power interruption, the energy storage system can be used as a backup power source to provide emergency power to related equipment.

Maintain RCO: Maintain Remote Condition Operation.

Industrial energy storage systems help optimize the power system and improve the reliability and sustainability of the grid. Due to their high efficiency and reliability, they are becoming a key component in a growing number of industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

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