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Portable power station Operating procedures

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Portable power station Operating procedures

1. Check before startup

1.1 Whether the liquid level of the engine oil and cooling water meets the specified requirements. The oil level shall be between the oil ruler high (H) low (L) mark,

The oil should be replenished after 15 minutes of shutdown, and the cooling water level should be under the neck of the expansion water tank.

1.2 Check the fuel volume in the daily fuel tank, whether the lubricating oil volume, oil intake and oil return pipeline are unobstructed.

1.3 Clean up the tools, parts and other items placed in the unit and its vicinity to avoid accidents during the operation of the unit.

2. Start-up and run the check

2.1 Whether the oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature meet the requirements of the instruction manual.

2.2 Various instruments indicate whether they are stable and within the specified range.

2.3 Whether the cylinder works and the smoke exhaust is normal.

2.4 Whether there is any violent vibration and abnormal sound during operation.

2.5 Power supply can be provided after the voltage and frequency (rotation speed) meet the specified requirements and run stably.

2.6 Whether the system has a low-frequency oscillation phenomenon after the power supply.

2.7 When fuel is insufficient, fuel can be added after shutdown.

2.8 Fire safety measures should be taken for the storage of fuel: special fuel storage barrels should be used for transportation and storage.

2.9 portable power station After use, check whether the fuel tank is leaking and whether the fuel tank cap is tightened.

2.10 The generator should empty the fuel tank.

2.11 Double switching switch interlock shall be installed to avoid spontaneous generation to the power grid.

3. Check and record of shutdown and fault shutdown

3.1 Normal shutdown, cut the load off first, and stop the throttle for 3-5 minutes.

3.2 Emergency shutdown, when there is low oil, high water temperature, high speed, abnormal voltage, high speed) or other , in case of personal accident or equipment danger, the oil circuit and intake road should be cut off immediately.

3.3 Check and record after failure or emergency shutdown, and shall not open again when the unit is not troubleshooting and restored to normal

Machine running.

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