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Application of portable UPS mobile power in the fishing industry

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Application of portable UPS mobile power in the fishing industry

In general, the marine power system and communication equipment differ from the shore system in that its security and stability, as well as other requirements, are more stringent. How can poor-quality satellite calls at sea, high communication costs, and insecurity be overcome? storage All of the island fishing boat power problems can be solved with an electric portable UPS power supply.

Why is it so difficult to obtain outdoor fishing power on board?

Before there was no outdoor power supply, fishing boats relied solely on diesel generators or inverters to generate electricity, which not only wastes fuel but also greatly increases production costs. Fishermen must frequently go ashore to replenish their supplies, and the trip will be even more difficult if they encounter bad weather, such as high winds and waves.

As we all know, if the combustion of diesel generator sets is insufficient, it is easy to cause atmospheric pollution and, in severe cases, jeopardize the operator's safety.

Because there is no ground power grid coverage at sea, communications equipment, and common power equipment are difficult to have high power, high capacity emergency backup power can support the use of such power equipment, so the communication signal is not long to use, and there is a certain risk of work.

Many people have begun to choose a safer portable UPS mobile power supply so that fishermen at sea can have a safe and stable power supply. storage Electric portable UPS provides a 220V AC pure sine wave output that is compatible with a wide range of instruments and equipment.

Portable UPS power supply to solve the maritime fisheries power supply system problem

The outdoor portable UPS power supply has greatly improved maritime fisheries' power problems. It enables fishermen to obtain adequate power protection, allowing our production and life with electricity to become more simple and convenient.

Electric portable UPS mobile power supply is a professional energy storage equipment with voltage stability and safety, suitable for self-driving tours, camping, outdoor surveys, outdoor operations, advertising media outdoor filming, field trips, out-of-the-way travel, and leisure or in-the-car, boat, and can be used as a DC, AC power supply.

Lithium-ion portable battery is intended for use in outdoor emergencies and features a large capacity lithium battery pack, a small size, lightweight, and high power. Ventilation and heat dissipation channels are designed between the batteries to maximize battery pack efficiency and safety. Built-in "BMS" battery management system, nine safety protections, and all-around practical protection of fishermen's marine operations for safe and worry-free power.

Shipboard fisheries frequently face poor working conditions, including line leakage, lightning strikes, large tripping, and other issues, and the power supply system has been severely tested. Storage Electric Portable UPS power supply shell using imported high-strength engineering plastics, drop resistance, shock resistance, fire prevention, and rain can better avoid the occurrence of leakage accidents in the ship's high temperature and humidity, as well as a variety of corrosive substances and other harsh outdoor environments.

Storage Portable lithium-ion electric battery UPS supports three charging methods: utility charging, solar panel charging, and vehicle charging, providing users with a variety of use scenarios and a higher level of practicality. Solve the user's outdoor and emergency power issues completely. Here is 500W 537Wh Portable Power Station.

The outdoor portable power supply used in the fishing industry on board has another advantage, storage in case of no wind, cloudy days, or other bad weather. Electric portable UPS power supply can also be used as a backup power generation, so it can be normal and other fishing boats to contact, the safety aspects of which are extremely important.


The above is the portable UPS mobile power in the outdoor boat fisheries power application; in the future, high-capacity portable UPS power supply can better awaken the unlimited potential of outdoor life, so that outdoor life is full of more passion and possibilities.

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