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Battery to the force, travel carefree

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Battery to the force, travel carefree

Lithium-ion battery is a secondary battery (rechargeable battery), which mainly relies on lithium ions moving between the positive electrode and the negative electrode to work. During the charging and discharging process, Li + inserts back and forth between the two electrodes: when charging, Li + is embedded from the positive electrode, and through the negative electrode, the negative electrode is in a lithium-rich state; the opposite is discharged.

Lithium-ion battery packs for mobile applications

A standard battery pack is the key component for any portable device since the accumulator dramatically affects the run-time and performance. We offer standardized lithium-ion battery packs in different housing shapes, with worldwide approvals, a variety of redundant safety features, and a communication interface for your application (SMBus or I²C Bus). Thus, our smart standard batteries, accus, battery chargers and power solutions are suitable as a power source for all kinds of portable and mobile devices in demanding markets, like medical, military, instrumentation, robotic, and drones.

Battery packs without development costs but with worldwide approvals

Our rechargeable standard batteries are available off-the-shelf, without any development costs. This leads to reduced battery development efforts for mobile applications and enables much faster time-to-market.

Naturally, our lithium-ion standard battery packs fulfil all the market-relevant safety standards as well as the worldwide national approvals. These aspects combined with the off-the-shelf availability reduce the overall development costs and allow your new device to reach profitability much earlier.

We utilize lithium-ion cells with the highest energy density, maximized discharge current, and the utmost safety levels in our battery packs.

Lithium battery packs with various shapes and performances

Different chemical compositions and varying configurations of battery cells result in different housing shapes and performance data for our lithium-ion standard batteries.

One-stop delivery: Suitable accessories for accumulators and lithium-ion battery packs

As a perfect complement to our standard batteries, we also offer a wide range of accessories for your lithium-ion batteries, such as chargers, power supplies, plugs, or cables for mobile use in automotive vehicles.

RRC is setting standards for portable power solutions

Our 30 years of experience in design of portable power solutions, our high quality and reliability, as well as our knowledge of requirements in critical markets are incorporated into each of our lithium-ion battery packs and power management products. Each customer will benefit from this. We continuously challenge ourselves to set even higher standards not only regarding the housing’s design, but also in terms of quality and performance by striving to exceed our competition’s products.

Your benefits using our Li-ion battery packs:

Lithium battery packs with worldwide approvals and certification of safety standards.

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