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Field camping electricity standard with a portable power station

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Field camping electricity standard with a portable power station

Portable power station Has always been the standard for self-drive travel and outdoor camping. This kind of energy storage power supply can make some small home appliances come in handy, and you can also get high-quality enjoyment outdoors.

Design advantages of the portable power station

1. Integrated design

Integrated design is a kind of design for a portable power supply in response to the variable use environment. The integrated design allows the lithium-ion battery and the line to be placed together more tightly. Make the appearance more neat and also reduce the excess gap, which is more conducive to reducing the impact of external factors on the portable power supply.

2. Appearance design

For the outdoors, it is easy to carry and move. The appearance of the portable power supply is also designed to provide users with a better user experience. In addition to the appearance and shape differences from other types of lithium-ion batteries, the portable power supply is more solid and durable. Using imported high-strength engineering plastics with fall resistance, seismic resistance, fire prevention, rain prevention, and other functions.

3. Protect the design

In addition to the external design, the safety protection of the internal system of the portable power supply is also designed. Unique protective wall design, overvoltage, overload, short-circuit protection design, overload, overcurrent, overcharge, overdischarge protection, etc.

portable power station It can cover the electricity demand of almost all types of portable electrical appliances in outdoor scenes, such as barbecues, rice cookers, Bluetooth speakers, projectors, lights, and other electrical appliances.

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