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Future market demand for home energy storage

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Future market demand for home energy storage

Home energy storage industry market demand

With the continuous decline of user-side energy storage costs and the continuous high fluctuation of electricity prices in major regions such as Europe, the average annual growth rate of global household energy storage demand is expected to exceed 60%, and the new installed demand will reach 48 GWh in 2025.

In recent years, the popularity of outdoor camping has also increased the purchase demand of mobile energy storage power supply, and the use in entertainment scenarios will be further enriched. In 2022, the scale of China's camping market will reach 52.8 billion yuan. After the opening of the epidemic, the scale of outdoor camping market is expected to usher in an exponential growth. At the same time, in order to improve the camping experience, people are eager to add more entertainment and leisure methods such as cooking, watching movies and games , And these, in the outdoor camping scene, can only be satisfied by the mobile energy storage power supply. Relevant data show that it is expected that in 2026, the purchase demand for mobile energy storage power supply in the field of outdoor activities will exceed 13.55 million units, and the scene penetration rate can reach 15.9%.

Home energy storage industry market demand

At present, China's energy storage market is mainly based on the demand of enterprises, and the encouraging policies continue to increase, the installed capacity of energy storage increases, and the industry demand space is broad. According to CNESA, by the third quarter of 22, the cumulative installed capacity of energy storage in China was 50.3GW, + 36% year on year, among which lithium

battery accumulated 5.9GW, increasing compared with the end of 21 15%; the global cumulative installed capacity in 2021 is 209.4GW, + 9.58% year on year, including lithium battery 23.2GW, + 76% year on year.

However, the domestic household energy storage market is still in its infancy. However, due to many uncertain factors such as power failure and ladder electricity price, household energy storage has been paid attention to. The potential market demand for mobile energy storage and household energy storage is rapidly released. It can be predicted that there will be huge market potential in the future.

Due to the soaring energy and electricity prices in Europe and North America, as well as the high and poor stable electricity prices in Africa and other countries or regions, household photovoltaic + energy storage The application can improve the level of self-use of power, delay and reduce the risk brought by the price of electricity, and obtain stable power support, so the demand is rapidly increased.

Home user energy storage, suddenly exploded in the global market. Rising energy prices and electricity prices have driven up the rapid application of household energy storage devices in foreign countries. In Europe, more than 420,000 sets of domestic battery storage systems were installed in 2022, and the scale of batteries has exceeded 9 GWh, which is expected to grow by 300% to 32.2GWh by the end of 2026, and the number of households with optical storage systems will reach 3.9 million.

With current high electricity prices, solar power and energy storage can help To reduce electricity bills, the number of domestic battery storage systems installed each year is naturally at a new high. In 2021, —— Germany, Italy, Austria, the UK and Switzerland —— accounted for 88% of the installed batteries in Europe, with Germany leading with a 59% share.

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