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Home Battery Storage Explained

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Home Battery Storage Explained

Batteries for solar energy storage are evolving rapidly and becoming mainstream as the transition to renewable energy accelerates. Until recently, batteries were mostly used for off-grid solar systems but the huge leap forward in lithium battery technology has seen an immense amount of interest in people wanting to store excess solar energy, increase self-consumption and become more energy independent. Additionally, with frequent extreme weather events causing grid-wide blackouts, households and businesses are looking for ways to ensure they have a reliable electricity supply during prolonged electricity supply disruptions.

In this article, we explain the home battery systems, provide a battery cost guide, present some alternative options to using batteries, and present a detailed comparison of the leading battery storage systems used in both off-grid and on-grid solar systems. For those new to solar, you can learn more about the basics of solar and the various energy systems including grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid battery systems.

Different Types Of Battery Systems

The wide range of battery options and energy storage systems can be overwhelming for many people and the rapid pace of technology has resulted in some confusion over which type of battery is best suited to individual needs. Adding to the complexity are the many different battery configurations now available.

Generally, the best way forward is to get advice from a solar company and learn about the different battery options. However, this isn’t always reliable as some companies have limited experience with batteries and are not familiar with the many different AC and DC-coupled battery configurations. Fortunately, this is where we can help. The team behind Clean Energy Reviews have been installing and monitoring energy storage systems since 2014 and have some extremely insightful tools and detailed reviews to help you understand what type and what size battery is best suited to your needs. That being said, many solar professionals are very experienced and can offer the best system to suit your needs or what will work best if you already have an existing solar system.

The 3 main types of batteries

1.Lead-acid batteries - Traditionally used for off-grid power systems but are not widely used today

2.Lithium-ion batteries - Now the most common type of battery and advancing rapidly

3.Flow batteries - Generally used for larger energy storage applications and gradually evolving

Traditional battery systems were made up of deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. However, over recent years different variations of lithium-ion batteries have dominated due to the many benefits over lead-acid batteries including; lightweight, scalable, high efficiency and long life. Large companies such as LG and Samsung began releasing lithium battery systems back in 2015, but interest rapidly increased with the announcement of the Tesla Powerwall; this was when home storage batteries really hit the mainstream.

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