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How much do you know about outdoor power supply?

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How much do you know about outdoor power supply?

What is an outdoor power supply?

The outdoor power supply, also known as a portable AC/DC power supply, is an outdoor multifunctional power supply with a built-in lithium-ion battery and backup power. The outdoor power supply is equivalent to a small portable power station, with lightweight, high capacity, high power, long life, and strong stability, equipped with multiple USB interfaces to meet the charging of digital products, but also output DC, AC, car cigarette lighter, and another common power interface, can be used for laptop computers, drones, photography lights, projectors, rice cookers, electric fans, kettles, cars, and other equipment power supply, suitable for laptop computers, drones, photography lights, projectors, rice It is appropriate for outside camping, outdoor live broadcast, outdoor construction, location shooting, family emergency power, and other sequences requiring a large amount of electricity.

The working principle of outdoor power supply:

The outdoor power supply consists of the control board, battery pack, inverter, and BMS system, which can convert DC power to AC power for other appliances through the inverter, and also supports multiple interfaces of DC output to charge various digital devices.

Charging methods of outdoor power supply:

There are many ways to charge the outdoor power supply, mainly divided into solar panel charging (solar to DC charging), utility charging (charging circuit built into the outdoor power supply, AC to DC charging), and vehicle charging.

Application scenarios of outdoor power supply:

The outdoor power supply has a wide range of applications, not only for use at home but also for a variety of outdoor scenarios, which can be divided into the following cases:

1. Outdoor camping electricity, which can be connected to electric ovens, electric fans, mobile refrigerators, mobile air conditioners, etc;

2. Outdoor photography, adventure enthusiasts with electricity in the field, can be connected to SLR, lighting, drones, etc.;

3. Outdoor stall lighting electricity, can be connected to flashlights, electric lights, etc;

4. As an uninterrupted power supply for mobile office use, can be connected to cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc;

5. Outdoor live electricity, can be connected to cameras, audio, microphones, etc;

6. Car emergency start;

7. Outdoor construction power, such as mines, oil fields, geological exploration, geological disaster rescue, and emergency power for field maintenance in the telecommunications sector, etc.

Advantages of outdoor power supply:

1. Easy to carry.

Ubest outdoor power compared to the same capacity power lighter weight, small size, comes with a handle, easy to carry, you can do convenient travel, carry on the go.

2. Long life, strong endurance.

Ubest outdoor power supply not only has built-in high polymer lithium-ion batteries, the number of cycles can be more than 1000 times, but also configured with an advanced battery management system and fire-resistant materials. To ensure the long life of the battery and the safety of the use of the process, but also to provide powerful support for multiple electronic devices to achieve long life.

3. Rich interface, strong compatibility.

Ubest outdoor power supply has a multi-functional output interface, which can match devices with different input interfaces, supporting AC, DC, USB, Type-C, car charger, and other interface outputs, making it convenient for users to use in different scenarios.

4. Good safety performance, no explosion.

Ubest outdoor power supply uses a blade power battery, weight 20% lighter than the same capacity 18650 battery, large single capacity, single cell 46Ah, small resistance, the internal resistance of fewer than 0.5 milliohms, low heat, long life, better safety, and stability.

5. Fast charging speed.

Ubest outdoor power with PD100W two-way fast charging function, support all kinds of Type-C interface PD device power supply, charging speed is several times faster than conventional charging, only a few hours to fully charged, reducing the waiting time.

6. Safety and intelligent management system.

Ubest outdoor power independent research and development of intelligent battery management system (BMS) can be independent heat dissipation with temperature change so that the power supply can be long-term low-temperature state; equipped with multiple safety protection to avoid over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, and other dangers, intelligent temperature control system automatically adjusts the charging and discharging.

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