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How much portable electricity do I need to stream live outside?

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How much portable electricity do I need to stream live outside?

With the development of the live streaming industry, outdoor live streaming has also become popular. Many people want to make money through outdoor live streaming, commonly used outdoor equipment are smartphones, headsets, microphones, selfie sticks, cell phone sound cards, traffic cards, cameras, and so on. Outdoor live skills lie in finding their strengths, making content that the audience likes, and also learning more. Here's a look at the equipment related to outdoor live streaming. Then decide what portable power station to go with.

Adequate flow of 4G/5G high-speed Internet card

Compared to indoor live, the difficulty of outdoor live is how to solve the network and the equipment range (after all, this is all indoors with wifi and socket can simply get things done). First of all, the network, if the network is not good, live will appear with intermittent screen or even a black screen situation, which will give the audience not smooth viewing experience, and encounter less patience, it is likely to close the live program directly on the right corner.

CPU and camera better than 4G / 5G cell phone

Do outdoor live, the phone is the most lightweight, it is best to buy a high-end configuration of Apple or Android phones, because the CPU is strong enough to meet the high coding requirements of the live process, but also to solve the compatibility problem of live software.

Handheld stabilizer or outdoor sports camera

Because live travel will inevitably move around, cell phone camera anti-shake function is limited, even if your phone has optical stabilization, it is best to have stabilization equipment to ensure the shooting effect and picture stability. So if you think "anti-shake ability" is not too strong, you can choose to live with a handheld stabilizer, the current domestic handheld stabilizer manufacturers are better Feiyu and Zhiyun, they have prices ranging from one to two thousand dollars stabilizer to different users to choose.

Essential accessories selfie stick

Many times hands can achieve the scene is limited, so the best invention of the selfie era selfie stick appeared, the use of selfie stick can extend the arm length to obtain a more complete and adequate picture space, and the arm is not easy to fatigue, not easy to appear "big head" picture, to give a live video coverage of the scene with the feeling of a person.

Headset or a small microphone

In addition to the image will affect the perception, live sound quality control is also very important, to reduce noise and get a clearer sound effect, we can use the phone that comes with a headset, effectively improve the sound quality at the same time, the investment is also minimal; However, because it is a wired headset, how much will be controlled by the range, if there are friends around to help shoot or use the tripod fixed, pick up high sensitivity, plug and play, intelligent noise reduction of the message wireless Handheld microphone is also a good choice.

Understanding the above basic equipment for these live, the following we return to the point, outdoor live to how large the portable power station?

Out of doors, charging is not easy, whether it is a cell phone, wireless line, or a variety of accessories, live for a long time, the power consumption is also a lot, so outdoor live need to replenish power at any time. This time a portable power station will not have to worry about it.

Live broadcast equipment is some of the more lightweight and power consumption is not large. Just use a long time need to replenish the power. For portable power station selection, we should choose a convenient and compact, such as the Ubest 500W series of portable power stations, basically a day of outdoor live can meet our basic. 1000W and more portable power stations live a day of use is not finished. Unless the outdoor live contains cooking, wild camping, and other use scenarios. For example, a shot out is a few days of outdoor activities. You need to buy a 1000W-5000W series portable power station. And also have to be equipped with solar panels to charge. So to be clear, you still have to decide on the choice of portable power station according to your actual electricity needs.

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