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How to choose a Portable Power Station ?

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How to choose a Portable Power Station ?

portable power station buying guide selection points

Battery type

There are three kinds of batteries for outdoor portable power station supplies: ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and lithium polymer batteries. These three are relatively mainstream lithium batteries at present.
Relatively speaking, the service life of lithium iron phosphate batteries is longer. Under standard conditions, ordinary lithium batteries cannot be used after 1500 cycles at most, while lithium iron phosphate batteries can be recharged more than 2000 times, and their service life can reach more than 7 years.
And with a lithium iron phosphate battery for a long time, there will be no risk of battery expansion and explosion; bump bump can also provide stable discharge; and safety is also higher.
At present, three-way lithium batteries are the most common on the market. Better high-end brands will use lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. It is recommended that you give priority to these two types of batteries when choosing.

Battery energy

To emphasize, we buying outdoor power must not only look at the battery capacity; battery capacity can only represent the outdoor power's ability to store battery capacity and determine the outdoor power discharge capacity and power function of the core parameter, "battery energy"!
The unit of battery energy is Wh (watt-hour), which refers to how much charge a battery holds or releases. The larger the battery capacity, the longer it lasts, although the larger the battery capacity, the greater the weight and volume of the battery.
For general outdoor camping with projectors, cameras, or other digital equipment, 500 Wh is enough to use; if it is a road trip and you need to cook in the outdoors to charge the rice cooker, the recommended battery energy is at least 700 Wh above. On this basis, the greater the battery energy, the better.Viewing power    Generally, the outdoor power supply can only charge the devices with a rated power of less than 800 watts.For example, the outdoor power supply can only charge electricalappliances with a rated power of less than 800 watts.Under normal circumstances, love outdoor short-term digital applications: mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and other outdoor office photography crowd, choose a low-power 500 watt product can meet.Outdoor long-term travel or self-driving travel: there are boiling water, cooking, a large number of digital, night lighting, and audio entertainment needs; power up to 1000 watts does not affect the use; this kind of high power can also be a family power outage emergency; practicality is also stronger.

See the port type and number.

The more types and quantities of outdoor power ports, the more multiple devices can be charged when camping outdoors, and the stronger the sense of functional experience will be when charging multiple devices outdoors.

At present, there are AC, USB, Type-C, DC, car charge, PD, QC, and other ports in the mainstream of the outdoor power supply market. When choosing the port, it is preferred to choose one with more variety and quantity.

Additional features

Other additional functions are mainly outdoor power supply weight, volume, and power supply.
On the basis of the above excellent performance, the lighter the weight and the smaller the volume, the more convenient it is to carry.
There are wireless charging, solar charging, gasoline charging, and other charging methods; the more diverse the charging methods, the better.
The other outdoor power supply will be equipped with LED lights, soft light lights, and a user-friendly design that is more intimate.

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