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How to choose the appropriate portable power station

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How to choose the appropriate portable power station

With the popularity of camping, friends who like outdoor activities also gradually fell in love with this kind of life, and the portable power station has gradually appeared in public view and gradually gained everyone's love. They have become outdoor players and are a must-have for short trips. There are all kinds of picnic tableware, drones, fishing gear, digital cameras, Bluetooth speakers, laptops, car refrigerators, and so on, so how can one choose the most suitable for their own portable power station among so many products? Come and see it with me!

Outdoor power generation methods are: charge banks, large capacity power supplies, generators, and on-board inverters. Among them, a portable power station is also a large capacity power supply, which is the most simple and practical way.

Recognizing your needs to choose power is more economical than blindly buying and more suitable for you. When we buy a power supply, we only look at the following parameters: interface type and quantity, power, battery capacity, charging efficiency, and other functions can only be the icing on the cake. By comparing these attributes in your own use scenarios, you can choose a satisfactory power supply.

1.interface type:

generally speaking, this is the socket, including the USB port, type-C port, AC/DC port, car charging port, PD, and QC fast charging port.

2. Power: 

Electric power generally refers to the electrical power of common electrical appliances. If the power of the electrical appliances exceeds the power provided by the power supply, it will lead to the failure of the electrical appliances or portable power station's self-protection behavior, or cause high temperatures, short circuits, etc., and a certain fire hazard.

3. Charging efficiency: 

The charging efficiency of a portable power station is determined by the charging mode and the actual voltage. Portable power stations support on-board charging, plug charging, or solar panel charging.

We all understand the main parameters of the power supply, so how do we choose our portable power station? Here are the following use scenarios for your reference:

1.fast charging emergency type:

suitable for a one-day outing, a park picnic, and other light scenes, similar to a large charge bank. The capacity is generally 300 Wh, which can be used to charge electronic products such as mobile phones, headphones, and emergency lights.

2. General camping scene: 

suitable for camping with a small number of people, for a short time, or with supplies in the middle. The capacity is generally 300–500 Wh, which can be used for digital products, small household appliances (projectors, car refrigerators, etc.), emergency lighting, and other power supplies.

3.Outdoor electricity safety: 

when choosing the power supply, we should observe whether there are safety protection measures. On rainy days, minimize the use of electrical equipment in dry and ventilated places. In the outdoor electricity, the first thing to check whether the wire leakage, whether the wire is intact without exposed. Digital devices should not be charged overnight, and it is best not to put them in a closed container to facilitate heat dissipation.

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