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How to choose your own outdoor power supply

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How to choose your own outdoor power supply

1. What is an outdoor power supply?

Outdoor multifunctional portable power station supply based on lithium ion battery can output USB, USB-C, DC, AC, car cigarette port, and other common power interfaces. Cover all kinds of digital equipment—household appliances, vehicle emergency appliances, outdoor travel, family emergencies—to provide backup power. At the same time, it can use solar energy storage for a long time in areas away from mains power.

2. How to choose appropriate parameters

(1) outdoor short-term digital applications, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and other outdoor office photography crowd, small power 300-500w, power 80000-130000mAh (300-500wh) products can meet.

(2), outdoor long-term travel, burning water, cooking a meal, a large number of digital, night lighting, sound requirements, suggested power 500–1000, and power 130000–300000mAh (500–1000 watt-hour) products can meet the demand.

(3) family power failure emergency, lighting, mobile phone digital, notebook, 300W–1000W can see the actual needs.

(4) Outdoor operations, simple construction operations without mains electricity, and more than 1000 watts (27000 mah) (1000 watt hours) above can meet the general needs of small power operations.

3. The current pain point of outdoor power supplies

(1)charging safety risks; three reasons: B battery + battery protection function is not perfect; no fault tolerance technology; charge management no fault tolerance technology. Please choose regular products from regular channels and stay away from low-priced and low-quality products.

(2)large volume; not easy to carry. Some brands have introduced high-frequency resonance technology, which can effectively reduce the volume by 30%–50%.

(3)The shell is fragile; the use of engineering plastic causes collisions and falls; many miscellaneous brands and some big brands also have this problem.

(4) Large heat, low inverter efficiency, and then the use of an engineering plastic shell with poor heat dissipation mean that you have to open a large number of heat dissipation holes, increase fan heat dissipation, make loud noise, and allow dust and water vapor to erode the product's internal circuit, leading to safety risks and reducing the life of the product.

(5)low cost performance, some big brand advertising investment, high operating costs, resulting in high prices and low energy products, spend thousands of yuan, but electricity and power are not enough, brand choice can choose the central brand, relatively high cost performance

(6)parameter false label or chaotic collocation, some product battery false label, mostly in low-price and low-quality products, and some products, in order to attract attention, launched high-power but with very small capacity products to sell as high-distribution products, reduce batteries, and reduce costs.

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