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How to Keep an Outdoor Portable Power Station Running

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How to Keep an Outdoor Portable Power Station Running

1. Storage of outdoor power supplies to prevent overcooling and overheating

Put the outdoor portable power in a cool place: excessive temperatures will limit the life of the electronic equipment, ruin the outdoor portable power, and cause some plastic parts to deform or melt. Don't keep your outdoor mobile power in regions that are too cold, such as balconies or outside. Because when the outdoor mobile power works in a very cold environment, the internal temperature rises, and the outdoor mobile power may be formed in moisture and damage the circuit boards, the generation of moisture is triggered by some safety accidents due to the temperature difference being too large.

2. The outdoor power supply should be kept in a dry location

All types of electrical appliances require a dry environment with low humidity in the air, whereas a humid environment is detrimental to the preservation of all types of electrical equipment. So, to extend the life of your outdoor mobile power, please try to keep it in a dry environment. It should not be used in the kitchen, bathroom, moist basement, unenclosed balcony corner, or other humid areas.

3. Outdoor power supply should focus on fall and shock protection

The interior structure of outdoor mobile power is sophisticated; the internal core and circuit board, as well as other components, are extremely accurate and cannot survive strong knocking. So, do not throw, knock, or shake outdoor mobile power; rough handling will damage the internal circuit board. So, do not move back and forth from the car to the home storage, to be placed in a safe place, not to mention the force of shaking, bumping, and hitting the situation.

4. Reduced charging and discharging to extend battery life

Shallow charging and shallow discharging are charging that is not fully charged and discharging that is not fully discharged, which leads to some abnormal fluctuations in the single cell, which causes the final battery pack to fail. Don't wait until the outdoor mobile power station's power is completely depleted before charging. The outdoor power supply can be extended in life by properly charging or discharging it, especially when it has been stored for an extended period.

5. Permanent storage to prevent excessive power loss

You should avoid letting the outdoor power supply remain in a state of power loss for an extended period and keep the power at 50% of the best if the power supply is not being used to store for an extended period. However, if you store it in a completely dark space, or if you frequently check it, try to do it every 3 months -6 months to charge, which will help extend the life of the outdoor power supply and avoid power loss when you use it again trouble.

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