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How to maintain a portable power station

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How to maintain a portable power station

    Portable power station Also known as portable energy storage portable power station, emergency power supply, equivalent to a small portable charging station, with a variety of charging methods, such as mains, vehicle, and solar photovoltaic panels, can achieve outdoor flexible charging and discharge, home emergency power backup, and other needs, and become the outdoor electricity products favored by campers. How to maintain the portable power station Let's take a look at it below.

1.Cold prevention and heat prevention

Do not place the portable power station where the temperature is too high. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy portable power stations, and deform or melt some plastic parts. Also, do not store portable power stations in cold places. When portable power station works in an extremely cold environment, when the internal temperature rises, moisture forms in portable power station and damages the circuit board. Some small factories have had safety accidents due to humidity.

2. The placement environment for portable power stations

All kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry, low-humidity environment; a high humidity environment is bad for the preservation of all kinds of electrical appliances. For the service life of your portable power station, please try to put it in a dry environment.

3.Output voltage range of portable power stations

Although some devices have USB ports, they also require a portable power station. However, you should be aware of the input voltage range of the device. The general portable power station voltage output power sta5.3–0.5 voltse is 5.3-0.5v. If the input voltage range required for your device is not within the portable power station range, then it is recommended thause aou do not use portable power station to power your device to guarantee your portable prolong The life of the station

4.Prevent falls and shock

portable power station In fact, it is a fragile component; the internal components cannot stand up to beating. Especially to prevent an accidental landing during use. Don't throw it away, knock it, or shake it, portable power station. portable power station Crude handling will destroy the internal circuit board.

5.Use the original accessories

Be sure to use the original accessory charger. The unmatched current and voltage during charging will cause damage to the circuit system, shorten the battery life, and even bring safety risks. The original battery and charger are the best combination.

6.Use your portable power station frequently.

Charge and discharge the portable power station once a month, and regular use can maximize the service life of the station.

7. shallow filling, and shallow delay in life

Excessive charging and discharge do great harm to portable power stations, and the damage caused is irreversible, so do not wait for the power to be completely exhausted before charging, and do not charge for a long time. Shallow charging and shallow release are the best choices to extend the life of portable power stations!

8.long-term without storage

If a portable power station is not stored for a long time, the power supply should not be left in a state of power loss for a long time, and the best level remains at 50%. Charging every 3 months helps prolong the life of the power supply.

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