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How to Maintain an Outdoor Power Station in Hot Weather

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How to Maintain an Outdoor Power Station in Hot Weather

Recently, the issue of high-temperature heat waves has been trending on Google, capturing the interest of many netizens. The Central Weather Bureau issued the first high-temperature red alert of the year on August 12, which is China's highest degree of high-temperature warning. How should we maintain the outdoor power station in the face of the impending super-hot summer weather?

1. Storage of outdoor power station

Summer temperature is too high, we store outdoor power stations remember not to place them in direct sunlight. The suitable temperature for storing outdoor power stations is generally -10℃~40℃, too much humidity, too high or too low temperature will affect the normal use of outdoor power stations. If we do not use the outdoor power station for a longer period, the correct practice is to fully charge it and then put it into a dry, low-temperature, light environment, away from fire and heat sources, avoid contact with corrosive substances, maintain good ventilation to ensure that it does not affect the normal use of subsequent.

2. Charging of outdoor power station

Summer temperatures are high, we should try to choose a low-temperature environment when charging outdoor power stations to avoid overcharging problems. The outdoor power station's ideal charging temperature is 0 ~ 40 ℃, charging under high-temperature conditions will make the outdoor power station's internal active substances react more vigorously, the reaction speed accelerated, and the internal temperature of the power station rising, resulting in damage to the components, seriously affecting the service life of the outdoor power station. If we mistakenly put the outdoor power station in outdoor play under the scorching sun, resulting in its temperature exceeding 40 ℃, we should first think of ways to cool down and dissipate the heat, and then connected it to the solar panel for the outdoor power station to replenish the power.

3. Use of outdoor power station

The discharge curve of outdoor power plants differs depending on the temperature, as do the discharge voltage and discharge time. When using an outdoor power station in the summer, we should attempt to keep the temperature in the range of 040°C to avoid outdoor power station "heat stroke." High-temperature current will not only harm the internal core and limit the service life of the outdoor power station, but it will also accelerate the aging of the outdoor power station shell, posing safety risks. As a result, we must use an external power station at the appropriate temperature for safety reasons!

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