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How to provide emergency power for portable power stations

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How to provide emergency power for portable power stations

As you all know, a portable power station is an outdoor artifact that spends most of the time supplying power to equipment while driving or camping outdoors. Portable energy storage power supplies can provide stable power for various electrical appliances for a long time and exert maximum efficiency. With the popularity of self-driving travel, the demand for convenient power is also growing. As a large-capacity, high-power, multi-port portable battery bank, it has become an indispensable part of self-driving travel or camping. But did you know it had other uses? Actually, portable power stations can be used as an emergency power supply. Here's how the portable power station is used as an emergency power source:

1.Natural calamities

In the United States, Japan, and other regions, including China, hurricanes, heat waves, earthquakes, and other natural disasters occur from time to time. When floods, earthquakes, and other disasters occur, mobile power stations are simply an emergency power supply for flood control. Power problem. In epidemic prevention and control and outdoor rescue work, portable power stations can be quickly put into the front-line rescue teams.

2.Family emergency

portable power station As a common emergency backup power supply in the family, but also known to the majority of users. When there is a power failure or blackout at home, the mobile power supply can charge the home wifi, rice cookers, refrigerators, mobile phones, computers, and other electrical equipment. Children at home can also use the portable power station to charge their homework lights, which is both emergency and convenient. Don't worry about long battery life, and ensure that multiple devices are compatible at the same time.

3.Outdoor radio

In recent years, TikTok has led to a trend of nationwide live broadcasting. Whether it is shared or sold in daily life, live streaming has become the most popular form of social interaction. 12 hours, 24 hours, or even 30 hours, with longer and longer live streaming times The power supply for indoor live broadcast is stable, while outdoor live broadcast has always had a big problem with equipment power supply. A large-capacity and portable power station can ensure long-term uninterrupted power supply for live broadcasting equipment. Therefore, carrying a portable power station when going to an outdoor live broadcast can also become an emergency necessity.

4.Auto emergency power supply

During the journey, if the battery runs out, you can power the car through a portable power station, start the vehicle urgently, and help a lot in emergency times!


There is a lot of electrical equipment in hospitals, and because they provide treatment for patients, the portable power station can also help patients in hospitals. For example, to solve the power consumption problem of the ventilator, you can carry the portable power station to provide power support for the ventilator, and for some patients with difficulty breathing, the ventilator can be used for in vitro assisted breathing. Power for medical equipment such as medical carts and electric blankets, and provide safe portable power stations for medical staff and medical equipment. Support by ION to ensure the smooth operation of the hospital.

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