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How to select portable energy storage power supply

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How to select portable energy storage power supply

Outdoor energy storage power supply has increasingly become a necessary product when we go outdoor camping, outdoor live broadcasting, picnic, etc.. With it, we don't need to worry about power consumption when we are outdoors! But, in the current situation of uneven quality of electronic products, how to choose an outdoor energy storage power supply with both quality assurance and relatively good price?

Use safety

We should first understand the appearance and material of an outdoor energy storage power supply, the application of the cell, and what security protocols it supports, etc.

Our energy storage power supply color shell adopts PC flame retardant material, which is resistant to high temperature and can effectively avoid electric leakage and electric shock; In terms of electric core, certified automobile grade electric core is adopted, and high-capacity electric core is safer and more durable!

It also applies the new national standard safety door design. All our interfaces have multiple safety protection functions, namely, anti overcurrent, anti overvoltage, anti overload, anti short circuit, overcharge, over discharge and over temperature protection.

Functional support

We have a preset lighting lamp. This design can be applied to emergency lighting. Long press the lighting button, it will also switch to SOS emergency rescue signal lamp mode, which means that even if we encounter danger when traveling outdoors, we can use it to ask for help!

Our interfaces include porous socket, type-C interface, fast charging USB-A interface, ordinary USB-A interface, DC input charging interface, etc; In addition, the interface panel is also equipped with LCD display, power switch, AC power switch, lighting switch, etc. from the perspective of these supports alone, it is sufficient to meet the daily needs of most people.

In practical application, 148100mah battery capacity is enough for us to charge conventional equipment such as UAV, mobile phone and notebook! As for the power support of products, it depends on your use needs. We have 300W, 500W, 700W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W to choose from.

In addition to using conventional mains power to charge it, we can also choose solar panel charging and car charging, which is portable and fast.

If interested, please contact us!

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