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How to store energy in your home

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How to store energy in your home

An energy storage system allows you to capture heat or electricity when it is readily available, typically from a renewable energy system, storing it for you to use later. The most common home energy storage systems include electric batteries, heat batteries and thermal stores.

What is energy storage and how does it work?

Home energy storage systems store generated electricity or heat, so that you can use the energy when you need it.

Electricity can be stored in electrical batteries, or it can be converted into heat and stored in a heat battery. Heat can also be stored in heat batteries or in thermal storage, such as a hot water cylinder.

Energy storage can be useful for people who generate their own renewable energy, as it allows them to use more of their low carbon energy.

The market for energy storage is growing rapidly. Mordor Intelligence predicts the energy storage market will experience a compound annual growth rate of 19.9% through 2027. The reason for such positive growth is easy to see when you consider the number of benefits energy storage provides to homeowners and business owners alike. To understand the appeals of energy storage, let’s first consider how storing solar energy works.

When your solar panels generate electricity, they send the power to any place in your home that needs it. If your panels produce a surplus of energy, the excess will go into your storage system or flow into the grid. If your home has a shortage of energy, your electrical system will pull power from the grid or your stored reserves. Having a solar energy storage system at your home reduces your reliance on the electrical grid and helps keep your energy usage self-sufficient.

Battery storage (for electricity)

Electrical batteries help you make the most of renewable electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, a wind turbine or a hydroelectricity system. For example, electricity generated during the day by solar PV panels could be stored in an electric battery for you to use for boiling the kettle or watching TV in the evening when your solar PV panels are no longer generating electricity.

The battery size and its cost will depend on your current energy use and the size of any generation technologies you have installed. You may also want to plan around future electricity use if you are intending to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) or heat your home with a heat pump.

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