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Insight into the future of home energy storage systems industry prospects

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Insight into the future of home energy storage systems industry prospects

Home energy storage system survey

Faced with soaring electricity costs and unstable operating power grids, more and more home users are deploying residential solar power facilities and households.Energy storage systems to achieve energy independence. And this home energy storage system.The system enables home users to be more productive than ever before.Effectively, more economically, produce, store, and manage clean energy.As Europe is experiencing the last energy crisis that has led to electricity.Costs have soared, and residential solar power facilities are increasingly seen as a key tool for controlling electricity bills. The climate crisis increasingly prompted businesses and home users to abandon With highly polluting and costly fossil fuels, a water shortage, and aging facilities, the reliability of existing plants is challenged. As people seek.With an adequate and reliable energy supply, the growth of residential solar power facilities has contributed to the massive growth of home energy storage systems deployed with them.

Under the background of global energy transformation and upgrading and the rapid penetration of outdoor lifestyles, a series of consumption scenarios such as camping equipment and camping black technology will continue to explode in 2022, and the market demand for portable energy storage at home and abroad will continue to grow."Blowout ', the industry's prospects are promising. At the same time, global natural disasters and other events triggered an outdoor, emergency, and off-grid electricity boom. Off-grid electricity anxiety has also spawned the portable energy storage market. Under the global two-carbon consensus, as an off-grid backup, portable energy storage is right.The gradual replacement of traditional fuel-fired and generator products has also become one of the main growth points of global consumption after the epidemic.

After 2020, the domestic outdoor industry will usher in rapid growth, especially as the popularity of emerging games such as delicate Ju continues to rise. Consumers are more and more willing to pay for high-quality outdoor equipment. The sense of ceremony, atmosphere, and personalization have become important evaluation factors for consumers when choosing camping equipment or camping sites. As exquisite camping is usually equipped with catering systems (stoves, coffee machines), entertainment systems (audio, projector), and lighting systems (camping lights, atmosphere national lights), the outdoor electricity demand of Chinese consumers has surged, and the market space is huge.

From 2021 to 2025, the growth rate of new energy storage for overseas households was maintained at 60%. Above, the total overseas new user-side energy storage capacity by 2025

Will be near 50 GWh. Global home energy storage market size in 2020 US $7.5 billion, the Chinese market size is 1.337 billion US dollars, equivalent to 8.651 billion RMB yuan, and is expected to reach 26.4 billion US dollars and 4.6 billion US dollars, respectively, in 2027.Drivers of the residential energy storage market include solar power generation systems.

Given the energy crisis and the growth of electric vehicles, battery storage systems are no longer seen as a luxury. Commercial and industrial projects.It also performed well, with revenue rising 36% in 2021 to 19.4 Reneuro, which includes the 140 million euro hydrogen project, accounts for about 21% of the German energy storage market.

Demand for household energy storage has also surged due to the popularity of smart homes. Most of the intelligent furniture power consumption and utilization rate is higher because it requires more secure recyclable power to support it. In addition, in the coming 5G era, the demand for data transmission is higher and higher, and smart household energy consumption is increasing. Therefore, with the popularity of smart homes, household reserve power will become a necessity.

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