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Is the outdoor power supply affected by lightning?

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Is the outdoor power supply affected by lightning?

The outdoor power supply is a versatile portable energy storage power source with a built-in lithium-ion battery that has an AC output and the ability to self-reserve power. It can be used as a backup power source for the home and car and can offer dependable power support for outdoor camping, self-driving tours, field operations, and other scenarios.2 So, during a thunderstorm, will lightning damage an outdoor power source? Click here to buy 1000W 1280Wh Portable Power Station.

Effects of lightning on external power sources

The natural occurrence of thunder is caused by the enrichment of electrical charges in dense clouds, which ultimately discharge with objects on the ground. We frequently witness lightning strikes and hear thunder when it thunders. Lightning is incredibly destructive, and the high voltage and high current it generates have the potential to be conducted into our homes or cars through transmission lines or the air, damaging plugged-in equipment.

There are two main ways lightning can strike an outdoor power source:

Direct lightning strike: If the outdoor power supply is exposed and unprotected in the open, it may be directly struck by lightning, which could cause the power supply's internal components to burn or explode.

Intermittent Strike: By sensing lightning waves through the wiring of these devices, it is possible to introduce a strike indoors or inside the car if the outdoor power supply is connected to additional devices, such as solar panels, car refrigerators, projectors, etc. The power output or input port will be damaged or short-circuited as a result of this.

How to Keep Outdoor Power Supply Safe During Lightning

There are several precautions we can take to prevent lightning damage to outdoor power supplies:

When it is thundering, avoid using the outdoor power supply, especially in open areas such as grasslands, deserts, mountaintops, and so on.

If you must use an outdoor power supply, try to use it in areas with lightning rods or other lightning protection, such as buildings, woods, caves, and so on.

If the outdoor power supply is used in areas without lightning protection, try to keep the number and length of connections to other equipment to a minimum to avoid introducing too many induced lightning waves.

If lightning is found in the area, immediately turn off the outdoor power supply, unplug all connected equipment and wiring, and move it to a relatively safe location.

Stay away from the outdoor power supply if it has been damaged by lightning strikes and contact the after-sales service personnel to deal with it.

In short, when there is a risk of thunder, we should try to avoid using an outdoor power supply or take some protective measures to limit the damage. Of course, if we select outdoor power supplies with dependable quality and high safety performance, they will also have certain lightning and surge protection functions that can withstand lightning shocks to some extent. As a result, when purchasing outdoor power supplies, we should also take care to select professional and effective brands and products.

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