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Knowledge popularization of portable power stations

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Knowledge popularization of portable power stations

Portable power station Knowledge popularization: lets have a clearer understanding of portable power stations with the following common knowledge points about portable power stations!

Q: What does the portable power station work on?

Answer: A portable power station is designed to invert the direct current into alternating current through the inverter, with both alternating current and direct current output.

Q: What else is the portable power station's other name?

Answer: A portable power station is also called a portable power supply, a portable energy storage power supply, a portable emergency power supply, a portable outdoor emergency power supply, a 220V mobile power supply, a smart mobile power supply box, a portable UPS power supply, and can also be named according to the use scenario, such as an atmospheric sampler power supply, a pipeline robot power supply, a power detection instrument power supply, etc.

Q: What function does the portable power station have? What are the main uses?

Answer: A portable power station has AC 220V or 110V output, DC 48V, 24V, 12V, 5V, and other DC outputs, and emergency lighting functions. Mainly used to solve a variety of equipment and instrument outdoor electricity problems and indoor emergency electricity problems!

Q: Can a portable power station replace the generator?

Answer: portable power station At present, the maximum amount of electricity stored is 6 KWH, which can solve the problem of outdoor electricity consumption for most equipment and instruments. In the case of emergency and immediate electricity consumption, it can replace the generator. In a long time, such as the equipment power of 1KW, requiring continuous work for several days, is unable to replace the generator. Unless multiple power sources take turns!

Q: Is portable power station it difficult to use?

Answer: portable power station is very simple to use. When using portable power station, just check the remaining power of portable power station and whether the power of the equipment exceeds the output power can be used. When using, plug in the electrical equipment, open the switch can work!

Q: Where does the portable power station work in?

Answer: portable power station is applied in the electric power industry, environmental protection industry and other fields.

In daily life at the thought of portable power will think of camping, picnic, hiking power, high power portable power is actually useful, here are some in the detection of portable power occupy the important position of 1. Environmental monitoring industry-portable power can solve the problem of its atmospheric sampling instrument outdoor electricity.2. Power testing industry-solve the outdoor motive F for power testing instruments. 3. Medical industry-solve the electricity of outdoor medical equipment and indoor intelligent medical cart equipment.4. Electricity for tourism, outdoor expansion, picnic and camping.5. Fire emergency industry-solve emergency equipment electricity.6. Emergency communication industry-to solve the outdoor electricity consumption problem of communication equipment.

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