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Lithium batteries often explode, why not lead-acid batteries

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Lithium batteries often explode, why not lead-acid batteries

Is safety the most important thing for batteries?

Yes, there is no safety; all kinds of functions are in the water at full moon. In fact, lithium-ion batteries can begin to live because safety is acceptable to the public.

For current battery products, "lithium battery" is not the correct name, which I explained many times when the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded. The "lithium battery" we often use now is actually a "lithium ion battery", while the real lithium battery is currently only used on some special occasions. The difference between the two, from the principle of the difference, is relatively large. A lithium ion battery is essentially lithium ions that flow from high concentration to low concentration environments, thus forming current. This type of battery belongs to the concentration battery, while the lithium battery takes lithium metal as the negative electrode, forming current after the REDOX reaction, which has the same principle as the general zinc-manganese dry battery.

The energy density of lithium batteries is far higher than that of lithium ion batteries, but the cycles are low. However, in life, almost only lithium ion batteries are used. Without lithium batteries, the core reason is that lithium batteries are not safe because lithium metal may react in water and oxygen, then heat, and finally cause an explosion. Perhaps the public feels that lithium ion batteries are not safe because they explode every time. But if we use a real lithium battery, it's not enough to see it right now.

Because of their poor safety, the cost of developing lithium-ion batteries, even for special purposes, is now staggering. Just two weeks ago, I investigated a factory. In order to design a special lithium battery, the factory needed to fully open the dehumidifier, and the electricity bill was nearly 30,000 yuan per day. Even so, the yield is still very low, producing thousands of small cells every day at a cost per watt-hour as high as 20 yuan. By contrast, the production cost of conventional lithium-ion batteries is less than 1 yuan.

So, safety is life; life is gone; money is earned. No more; the price paid for safety is staggering. Lithium-ion batteries are widely used because their safety problems, while there, do not threaten their great value.

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