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Portable car emergency to do what test

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Portable car emergency to do what test

A portable automotive emergency power supply is a lithium-ion mobile power bank used to start a car battery through instantaneous high current and voltage. Such goods may also include other features such as flashlights, voltmeters, inverters, car adapters, and internal air compressor components. This requirement does not apply to portable emergency power sources that do not contain lithium batteries.

What is the difference between UL certification and a UL test report?

UL certification is a voluntary certification that requires product testing and a factory audit every quarter, which is costly, time-consuming, and very strict.

The UL test report is a qualified test report issued after the product is tested according to the UL standard. The report has a low cost and a short cycle, and no factory audit is required. Can be used for Amazon audits; customs clearance is invalid.

Amazon may request safety documentation for portable vehicle emergency power at any time to confirm compliance.

Who should submit the relevant documents?

If you are selling a portable car emergency power supply, Amazon may ask you to provide documentation to confirm the safety of the item. For each item you apply to sell, Amazon requires you to provide documentation showing that it has passed testing in compliance with standards or regulations.

How do I get approval to sell portable automotive emergency power?

Amazon policy requires that all portable automotive emergency power sources sold through Amazon.com meet certain certification standards. If contacted by Amazon, please submit the following information to electronics-safety@amazon.com: To sell such items on Amazon Mart, you must submit the following information:

Company name

Seller number or supplier code

E-mail address

Telephone number

A list of ASINs you are applying to sell

Product pictures and manuals (if applicable) (Pictures should include all relevant safety information and compliance marks.)

A test report issued by an ILAC ISO 17025-accredited testing laboratory confirms that each item has been tested and meets the following requirements: You confirm that all information submitted by you is true, credible, and accurate. If you do not meet these security requirements, Amazon may revoke your permission to sell.

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