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Portable Power application

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Portable Power application

The portable emergency power supply is suitable for complex and changeable outdoor environments, and provides effective outdoor power solutions for various outdoor activities. It can be used as a DC, AC emergency or backup power source outdoors, on ships, and in vehicles. It is widely used in outdoor office, medical rescue, fire rescue, outdoor recreation, emergency communication, environmental monitoring and other fields.

It is also the best solution to replace noise pollution diesel (gasoline) generator applications. Want more choices, you can have a look at uninterruptible power supply for home use.

Solution Features Of Portable Outdoor Power Supply:

The product is equipped with intelligent full-automatic dynamic charge and discharge management platform. The system has the characteristics of light weight, sufficient capacity, small volume, high energy density, convenient movement and handling, AC / DC multi output interface, strong impact resistance, fast and seamless access, so as to meet the emergency power supply needs.

Project Introduction Of Portable Power Supply For Camping:

The concept of powe bank was developed with the popularity and rapid growth of digital products, and its definition is a convenient and easy-to-carry large-capacity portable power supply. Nowadays, the functions of digital products are becoming more and more diversified, and people use them more and more frequently. Therefore, how to improve the use time of digital products becomes more and more important. Powe bank is the best solution to solve this problem. To be expanded is today’s portable power bank, a variety of interfaces have strong compatibility, to meet the power supply needs of different devices. As an indoor and outdoor backup emergency power supply, it can drive most small appliances without fear of power failure. It is not only suitable for digital equipment, but also suitable for complex and changeable outdoor environments. It provides effective power solutions in field investigations, outings, geological surveys, outdoor camping, rescue, photography and other activities. Click here for 300W 230Wh Portable Power Station.

In the ever-changing and complex outdoor environment, a suitable portable mobile power supply is the best choice for outdoor activities. The portable power supply manufactured by PLB can be used as a portable power supply for TV , portable power supply for notebook, portable power supply for ventilator, and portable power supply for camping. It can be used in complex and changeable outdoor environments to give customers a better outdoor experience.

Project Features of Battery Power Supply For Camping:

1. Long cycl life and long endurance. High performance, high energy density and high consistency cells are selected to ensure stable output. Low power consumption design is adopted with strong endurance, which can be used continuously for more than 12h for notebook computers.

2. Lightweight and beautiful. Exquisite and fashionable appearance design, reasonable panel design, lightweight and suitable for middle and high-end people; comfortable handle matching, easy to carry and flexible.

3. Strong compatibility. High-power and stable output, multi-interface has strong compatibility to meet the power supply needs of different devices, 5V USB port, 12V DC port, 220V AC output. As an indoor and outdoor backup emergency power supply, it can drive most small appliances without fear of power failure.

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