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Portable power station application solution

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Portable power station application solution

Portable power station, Built-in high-energy density lithium ion batteries with long cycle lives and a multi-functional output interface that can match the main electronic equipment on the market—large capacity, high power, safe, and portable—are its unique advantages over small mobile power supplies and fixed grids.

In the new era of the Internet, social e-commerce has realized the explosion of mobile power supply, so portable power stations have become an almost necessary product for people. Portable power stations can charge drones, digital cameras, laptops, game books, car refrigerators, kitchen appliances, and other equipment, solving the electricity problems of outdoor entertainment, life and office, and emergency vehicle starts.

In recent years, the vigorous development of photography, live broadcasting, and video we-media has also brought a broad market for mobile power supply. Travel photography The vlog has become the most common way of recording your life. TikTok and Kuaishou have led to the trend of nationwide live broadcasting. Video-based media have mushroomed. portable power station Can provide power supplies for photographic equipment and become the "electric nanny" of photography enthusiasts.

Strong outdoor work support

In the field of outdoor operation electricity consumption, portable power stations have been successfully applied in agricultural plant protection, border patrol, power grid maintenance, field mapping, fire rescue, military outdoor operation, and other fields. It is understood that the mobile power supply has entered the power supply system of China Southern Power Grid Group, providing mobile power supply support for line maintenance, power failures, and emergency power supply.

portable power station In forestry management, pastoral life, and other outdoor work, electricity is also promising. In the Sichuan-Tibet pastoral area, in order to solve the problem of electricity consumption caused by the frequent migration of herdsmen in the pastoral areas, it provides a solution to meet the requirements of 220V portable power stations and portable solar panels: portable, easy storage portable power station provides power supply for small household appliances and lighting equipment, while solar panels provide portable power station with sufficient light electricity to increase its outdoor battery life.

Portable power station, not just outdoor use

With the diversification of travel modes, the portable power supply for self-driving travel and outdoor work has a high energy density lithium ion battery with a long cycle life; the multi-functional output interface can match the mainstream electronic equipment on the market in terms of large capacity, high power, safety, and portability. Compared with small mobile power supplies and fixed grids, it has a unique advantage.

portable power station After only two or three years on the market, because of its safety, portability, efficiency, environmental protection, and other advantages, it is widely used in aerial photography, mapping exploration, mobile medical, autonomous driving, and other fields of tourism, picnic camping, entertainment, and other fields.

What are you waiting for? Follow the trend, and please equip your family with one.

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