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Portable Power Station Market Research

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Portable Power Station Market Research

The development space of portable power stations, how the global portable power station shipments? A portable power station, referred to as an "outdoor power supply", is a replacement for the traditional small fuel generator, built-in lithium-ion battery small energy storage equipment, with high capacity, high power, safe and portable features, that can provide stable AC / DC voltage output power system, battery capacity in 100Wh-3000Wh, with AC, DC, Type-C, USB, PD and other interfaces, can match the mainstream electronic devices on the market, suitable for outdoor trips, emergency disaster relief, medical rescue, outdoor work, and other scenarios.

The market research study "Global Market portable power station Overall Size, Major Manufacturers, Key Regions, Product, and Application Segmentation Research Report 2022" by GIR (Global Info Research) claims this. In addition to providing a general overview of the market for portable power stations, this study also covers definitions, classifications, applications, and the organization of the industry chain. The market for portable power stations is also examined from the perspectives of production and consumption in terms of important production regions, important consumption regions, and important manufacturers. It also discusses development policies and plans as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures.

China is the world's largest producer of portable power stations, occupying an important position in the international market. thanks to the rapid development of China's new energy vehicles, energy storage, and upstream lithium battery industry, the portable power station field is growing rapidly. in 2020, China's portable power station shipments reached 1.919 million units, with an output value of 3.65 billion yuan; in 2026, China's portable power station shipments are expected to reach 286.774 million units, with an output value of 73.67 billion yuan.

Demand for portable power station

With the social and economic development, the demand for portable power stations is also gradually revealed, outdoor power problems, equipment backup problems, and power outages, resulting in the work can not continue; this time portable power stations can solve all power problems, it has a lightweight, high capacity, high power and other functions in one "backup power station ", so it can be seen that the development of portable power station is very broad space.

The characteristics of the portable power station

The biggest feature of "portable power station" is to get rid of the "wire" restrictions, to a variety of appliances for a long time, AC power, DC power, and lightweight, portable. With lightweight, high capacity, high power, and other functions in one "backup power station". A portable power station is the storage of electrical energy, energy storage power is generally for emergency treatment and existence. With the development of society, people the life for portable power station demand is gradually revealed.

Portable power station brands

With the demand for off-grid electricity for outdoor activities and family emergencies and other scenarios gradually becoming just demand, outdoor power supply has also started to take off in the domestic market since 2021, attracting the entry of well-known brand companies such as Huawei, Bull, and General Electric. Xiaomi, Huawei, and other Internet giants began to launch portable power station products, and with their popularity and technical advantages, will soon occupy a certain market share.

Portable power station shipments

Data show that in 2021, the global portable power station product shipments reached 4.45 million units, an increase of 113.9%, and is expected to reach 23.8 million units in 2025. 2021 global portable power station market size of 9.12 billion yuan, compared to the same period, an increase of 149.2%, the market size is expected to reach 64.53 billion yuan in 2025. portable power station has been one of the fastest-growing categories in the emerging industry, with a growth rate of more than 300% in the past three years. According to statistics, nearly 100 domestic companies have cut into this field.

It is expected that in 2025, the portable power station market added shipments of 24.7 million units, 2021-2025 compound annual growth rate of 50%; new installed capacity of up to about 17.3GWh, the average annual compound growth rate of about 58%; market space of 56.3 billion yuan, the average annual compound growth rate of about 50%. It is expected that in 2026 the global portable power station shipments will reach 31.1 million units, and its market size will be close to 90 billion yuan.

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