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Portable power station With the use of a laptop computer

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Portable power station With the use of a laptop computer

Recently, many customers who buy portable power stations have consulted with our customer service. portable power station How long can you last with a laptop? What size is the right portable power station? Share my experience in the practical application process of product testing with you to solve your doubts!

Portable power station How long can you last with a laptop?

First of all, we have to look at the model and corresponding parameters of the notebook and find out the corresponding battery capacity and power of the notebook. The power of common laptops on the market is between 30W and 100W. For example, the current popular notebooks are: Huawei laptop MateBook D14 power is 56 Wh; Apple MacBook Pro laptop power is 58.2 Wh; and Lenovo laptop small new Pro16 power is 75 Wh. In general, our mobile power coefficient * 0.8, divided by the laptop power, is the number of laptops charged. Take the Partastar portable power station as an example; the actual battery life of a Huawei laptop computer with a battery capacity of 56 wh is 518 wh * 0.8 / 56 = 7.4 times, which can meet the demand of a Huawei notebook battery fully charged about 7 times.

Outdoors, whether the laptop needs to be charged while in use depends on the actual power consumption of the laptop charger and the user's habits. The general power consumption varies between 50 watts and 200 watts. If you play games regularly (especially large online 3D games), 120 watts count as battery life. If it works properly, it can be charged at 50 watts. Mobile power supply capacity * 0.8 (coefficient) / the actual power consumption of the notebook. Take the portable power station as an example and play the Crossfire game with a laptop (game book) and a portable power station. The actual discharge amount is 518*0.8/120w, which can meet for about 3 hours without a problem.

What is the appropriate size of a laptop portable power station?

This problem can be determined based on your actual situation. If you only play computer games, a 500W portable power station is basically enough. Need to play with other power supply equipment; preferably, buy mobile power over 1000W.

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