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Should You Get A Home Battery?

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Should You Get A Home Battery?

There is a lot of debate about whether a battery system is cost-effective. The relatively high upfront cost and longer payback usually mean they are not a great financial investment. However, as solar feed-in tariffs (credits you get for feeding excess solar into the grid) reduce, the numbers start to stack in favour of batteries. Our free solar and battery calculator can give you a good insight into the costs and savings of various battery systems.

For many people, economics is not the primary driving factor for purchasing a battery. There are many other valid reasons for households and businesses to invest in battery storage from the feel-good factor to providing backup power in the event of an emergency. In our opinion, self-sufficiency and energy security are both valid reasons. A battery can significantly increase energy independence using solar and help accelerate the transition to a renewable-powered electricity system.

Advantages of home battery systems

1.Reduce emissions - Reduce pollution and demand from coal and gas dependent power grids

2.Be blackout safe - Provides backup power during a blackout or emergency

3.Reduce cost - Save money by using less energy from the grid

4.Become energy independent - Store your excess solar energy to reduce your grid usage

5.Reduce peak demand - Supporting the grid during peak times and provide grid stability services

Disadvantages of home battery systems

1.Higher upfront cost - Adds much more to the total system cost

2.Complexity - Requires a hybrid inverter or additional monitoring equipment

3.Space - Requires more room and should be installed in a secure area out of direct sunlight

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