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Solution for UPS Power Supply Use And Maintenance

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Solution for UPS Power Supply Use And Maintenance

Solution for UPS power supply use and maintenance

With the rapid development of computer networks and informatization, automated production equipment is becoming more precise while also becoming more sensitive to electrical interruption and interference. An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is required to ensure data management, program operation, rapid image processing, and continuous, stable, and reliable equipment operation. The UPS power supply, as the computer and network device's front-end device, has a direct impact on the use of the back-end device. At the moment, the quality of my country's power grid is relatively poor, and the power grid environment of some cities and counties is even worse. Furthermore, the technical level of maintenance personnel is low. As a result, these units should pay closer attention to the proper use and maintenance of UPS. As a professional UPS service provider, we recommend the following to users:

1. Develop a positive attitude

In a competitive market, users should understand that proper use and maintenance of good UPS devices means: 1. Fewer power outages, better service quality, and increased customer satisfaction.

2. Increased service life reduces investment costs.

3. Improved device maintenance response time You can accurately report the equipment model and fault characteristics, and the supplier will respond faster.

Oversee the administration of UPS accessories and accessories

1. Oversee manual management

UPS outlet managers frequently change. UPS devices from all units in the province may also differ in power and model. As a result, they should try to save as much of the device's equipment as possible and understand basic operations and daily maintenance regularly. We recommend: (1) manual random machine storage; and (2) storing the electronic version for managers to download. Click here for 1000W 1280Wh Portable Power Station.

2. Damaged accessory management

UPS devices are typically randomly configured with vulnerable parts such as fuses, but after some time, these accessories are frequently unavailable when they are needed. (1) The accessories of the accessories are stored, we suggest. It is usually packed in plastic bags and adheres to the machine. This method is difficult to lose in practice; (2) The management personnel are gathered for unified management.

3. The distribution line specifications

Power distribution specifications are required.

(1) A standard distribution line with standardized standards is required for UPS to function normally.

(2) The percentage of UPS failures caused by line issues;

(3)Before using the equipment, the power distribution line should be standardized or transformed.

The issue of the presence of outlet wiring

(1) The power distribution line is disorganized, and the labeling is illegible. For example, there is no marking on the power distribution cabinet, making it difficult to differentiate the lines, which devices are power supply to the power, whether it is in the input zero line or output zero line of UPS.

(2) The UPS output socket is not labeled, making it easy for other electrical equipment to gain access. This is a significant contributor to maintenance failures. Although UPS already has some protection functions, it cannot be guaranteed to deal with a variety of situations, such as welding machines, outlets in winter high-power heating machines, electric kettles, and so on.

(3) Inadequate line capacity can easily result in heat and fire. During the decoration, some outlets had less equipment, and the line diameter of the entry and exit lines was insufficient. With the expansion of outlet equipment, many circuits became overloaded, resulting in line heating and a hidden danger of summer fire.

(4) There are no reference power distribution drawings. Some outlets are already quite large, and the distribution lines are quite complicated, but there is frequently no distribution diagram to refer to. When there is a problem with the line, the cloth is a dark line, making it difficult to locate the problem.

(5) Connect the output zero-line ground wire. The output of the UPS to the socket line is generally not covered by dark lines, and some electricians disregard the electrician, zero, and ground wire rules. The zero-ground line problem is connected, and most of the grounding can be done, and the load can be powered on, but the situation of poor communication and the burning computer power supply frequently occurs. Experience can be overcome.

(6) Zero voltage that has not been qualified. Some outlets lacked grounding. The ground wire is instead used to connect to the tap water pipeline. Some outlets were initially ground resistant, but after many years of not being detected and maintained, their ground resistance has greatly exceeded the standard. The first is that it endangers personal safety, and the second is that it is bad for the device's operation. The majority of casual bars have EMI filtering on the input end. The effect must be anchored. Larger. As a result, each outlet should check to see if the wiring circuit has any of the six major issues listed above and should be transformed as soon as possible if the conditions allow.

4. Outlet UPS is correctly used

In general, the UPS power of the outlet configuration is small, and its operation is straightforward. As long as the outlet personnel understand some fundamentals.

General start-up order; start the end of the UPS bypass, and the inverter starts on the load (2) General shutdown order; turn off the load-turn off the inverter-UPS turn the road off the UPS power supply (3) When there is a power outage during the day, it needs to be charged at night, just turn off the UPS inverter and do not need to turn off the UPS power switch to charge the Operation Manual).

Recognize the various UPS instructions and alarm signals.

The modern UPS has a plethora of display functions. If the LCD LCD function is available, for example, the parameters commonly used in UPS can be displayed (load size, city electric voltage, output voltage, battery voltage, charging current, and so on). Personnel must understand the meaning and operation of various displays. When there are abnormal conditions in the UPS, such as overload, battery under pressure, failure, and so on, alarm signals are generally issued, and identification should be found promptly.

Medical attention in an emergency

(1) Fire: When UPS is on fire, it is not permitted to use water to extinguish it. All UPS switches should be turned off so that a foam fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish the fire.

(2)Water entry: If the UPS enters the water at the end of the rainy season as a result of the outlets, the UPS's electric input switch should be turned off in time to disconnect the connection between the battery and the UPS host, preventing losses.

5. Daily UPS maintenance

(1) The UPS host's use environment should be well-ventilated and clean. Place no debris on the machine.

(2) Make a clear label for the UPS output socket to prevent unauthorized power equipment access. To begin, avoid bringing large emotional loads such as electric motors, air conditioners, welding machines, refrigerators, and so on. Small fans, etc., as well as the industrial frequency UPS, can usually be brought, but the high-frequency machine is best without it. Access.

(3) The load control is approximately 70% of the nominal power of the UPS.

(4) When turning on the load, use the bigger and smaller principle.

(5) It should be cleaned every two years in areas where there is more dust.

(6) A width voltage regulator should be considered for the long-term partial bottom (160V) of municipal electricity to ensure that the battery can be fully charged in time after discharge.

Care of batteries

There are currently two types of UPS outlet configurations. One is that the configuration standard delay UPS plus motor has reached Loan -delayed power supply, another long-delay model of the battery with a configuration delay of 4 to 8 hours is used. because Gasoline generator maintenance, noise, and gasoline storage are more difficult. In general, many. Currently, the battery used by UPS for the outlets is a three-year closed-circuit maintenance battery. 

To avoid battery maintenance, you must still pay attention to some aspects of use; otherwise, the battery's service life will fall short of the design life. The following are the battery's daily maintenance precautions:

(1) The battery should be installed and charged as soon as possible.

(2) In areas where the power grid is better and there have been no power outages for a long time, the electricity should be disconnected once a month so that the battery can be carried for 10-30 minutes to reduce battery inertia. The capacity is exceedingly high.

(3) For the current parking areas, the battery should be charged as soon as possible. Batteries should be sufficient before storage to be stored for an extended period, but the storage period should not exceed 3 months.

(4) Different battery models, capacities, manufacturers, and batches are prohibited.

(5) Depth discharge is prohibited. Small loads discharge for an extended period of time, frequently resulting in shortened battery life (some new UPS have intelligent adjustment of battery under pressure protection points to address this issue). It is recommended that the dot load is too small (for example, a 6kva4-hour UPS with an outlet load of only about 1kva). When there is a power outage, the UPS should run for 4 to 6 hours before shutting down to avoid a deep discharge.

(6) Avoid overcharging the battery. The general UPS charger is designed to be fully automatic, but if the charger parameters drift, it may cause battery damage due to excessive charging voltage. Check the display function; 20-25 ° C is the best temperature for the battery to operate at. Temperature, so the outlet ZUI is good for placing UPS and batteries in rooms with air conditioners, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the northern outlets that cannot be installed by the battery and the radiator, to avoid excessive battery temperature in winter.

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