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The Booming Market of Portable Energy Storage: Opportunities and Challenges in China

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The Booming Market of Portable Energy Storage: Opportunities and Challenges in China

Portable energy storage power supply, referred to as "outdoor power supply", is suitable for outdoor travel, emergency disaster relief, medical rescue, outdoor operation and other scenarios. Many Chinese who are familiar with the rechargeable treasure regard it as a “large outdoor rechargeable treasure”.

Last year, the global sales of portable energy storage hit a new high, reaching 11.13 billion yuan. At present, 90% of the capacity of this category is provided by Chinese enterprises. The Association predicts that the global market of this category will further increase to 88.23 billion yuan in 2026.

Then provide a set of comparative data. GGII statistics show that the total shipment of lithium battery energy storage in China in 2021 will be 37GWh, of which portable energy storage accounts for only 3% and household energy storage accounts for 15%, which means that the output value of household energy storage last year was at least 50 billion yuan.

According to a well-known overseas e-commerce business leader, it is estimated that by 2027, the global RV energy storage market will reach 45 billion yuan and household energy storage will exceed 100 billion yuan, which is a very promising market.

During 2018-2021, the sales of portable energy storage power on Amazon platform jumped from 68600 units to 1026300 units, an increase of nearly 14 times in four years. Among them, the growth in 2020 was the most obvious, with half of the top 20 brands entering the market at this time.

Behind the rapid development of the consumer energy storage industry, it is inseparable from the support of technology and demand. The energy storage power produced by Huyssen Power has a good growth momentum this year, and we also provides supply for some e-commerce companies. We are committed to developing more energy storage power supplies that are suitable for users. We will work with you to develop this broad market.

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