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The latest 2 FAQs about portable power stations

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The latest 2 FAQs about portable power stations

What temperature environment is the portable power station suitable for?

Operating temperature

The temperature is best between -10℃ and 40℃. When using the portable power station in the sun as far as possible to avoid the power supply overheating, overheating affects the use of power.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and humid environment

Portable power station storage location should maintain good ventilation to ensure that it does not affect subsequent normal use; let the power supply avoid humid environment and long exposure to the sun, avoid contact with corrosive substances, do not put in a high-temperature environment or fireside baking, or in the sun, do not put in water or in the outdoor rain.

Storage temperature

The storage temperature of a portable power station varies according to the time of storage, the suitable temperature is -10℃-45℃ If the portable power station is not used for a long time, place the outdoor energy storage power in a cool, dry place and charge and discharge the portable power station once every 3 months, otherwise, it will affect the performance of the portable power station and reduce the battery life of the portable power station.

How big can the portable power station be for cooking?

Electric rice cooker power is generally 300 to 1200 W. Electric rice cookers use electrical energy in a heat stove, with a variety of food steaming, cooking, stewing, boiling, simmering, and other operational functions, easy to use, safe, and reliable.

First of all, let's get to know the power of rice cookers, the power of rice cookers varies from capacity to capacity;

3 liters

The power of this rice cooker can reach between 300~500W, if the family population is relatively small, such as only 2~3 people, the choice of such high power can meet.

4~5 liters

For such a large rice cooker, generally speaking, the power is between 600W and 700W. This kind of power is relatively moderate in cooking speed, so if the family population reaches 4~6 people or if friends and relatives come, it can also meet the daily life.


6~8 liter rice cooker is relatively large in capacity. Generally speaking, families choose such a large rice cooker, and the power can reach 900W to 1000W, which can relatively increase the speed of cooking rice.

There is also a rice cooker power consumption, cooking 1 kg of rice, 500 watts of rice cooker takes 30 minutes, consuming 0.25-kilowatt hours; and 700 watts of rice cooker takes about 20 minutes, consuming only 0.23-kilowatt hours.

How big can a standard portable power station cook when we need to choose an outdoor energy storage power source that can be utilized for stir-fries and self-drive cooking?

Try to purchase a portable power station that is more powerful than 1000W because the normal requirements for outdoor cooking scenarios typically do not require less power. Similar to the 1.8-hour quick charging General Electric 1200W high-power portable power station, this can be used to satisfy the demand for cooking as well as for laptops, lighting, drones, and other equipment charging.

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