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The Top Three Portable Power Stations

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The Top Three Portable Power Stations

If you're going off the grid or preparing for an emergency, the Jackery Explorer 1000 can keep your electrical equipment operating for hours, if not days. It's about the size and weight of a compact microwave and produces a consistent stream of electricity without the noise or exhaust of a gas-powered portable generator. We discovered that the Explorer 1000's strong max output, a wide array of connections, easy-to-use interface, and durable appearance helped it stand out from the competition after 73 hours of evaluating 16 portable power stations.

1.Jackery Explorer 1000

Even though the Jackery Explorer 1000 is light enough for the average adult to lift and carry securely, it was able to run even the most power-hungry appliances in our tests. It also has one of the greatest battery capacities of the models we evaluated, making it appropriate for powering most devices all day (or all night), such as a laptop or CPAP machine. We like its simple panel, which displays input/output wattage as well as how much power is remaining in reserve. Furthermore, it offers more output ports—three AC, two USB-A, and two USB-C—than virtually any portable power station we've tried, allowing you to charge a wide range of devices, from laptops to cameras to GPS units.

Rated max output: 1,000 W

Rated capacity: 1,000 Wh

Weight: 22 pounds

Body dimensions: 12.5 by 8 by 8.5 inches

2.Anker PowerHouse II 800

Because the Anker PowerHouse II 800 has a lower maximum output than our top pick, it may not be able to charge high-wattage equipment like a vacuum or window AC unit. But its capacity is nearly as good, and it weighs a few pounds less. It has a durable shell, a very portable design, an informative display, and output ports (two AC, four USB-A, and two USB-C) that provide lots of charging alternatives for a wide range of devices, just like the Explorer 1000. And, as of this writing, it is around $150 less expensive.

Rated max output: 500 W

Rated capacity: 777 Wh

Weight: 18 pounds

Body dimensions: 12 by 8 by 7 inches

3.Jackery Explorer 300

The Jackery Explorer 300, which is nearly identical to its larger, more powerful sister, weighs only 7 pounds and features two AC outlets, two USB-A ports, and a USB-C port—more than most other lightweight alternatives we tested. We prefer to take it to the beach, park, or campsite to inflate an air mattress, run a fan, or charge our phones, cameras, portable speakers, lanterns, or headlamps. You give up some of the power and capacity that our larger selections provide—don't expect to run an air conditioner or charge several laptops—but you save room (and money).

Rated max output: 300 W

Rated capacity: 293 Wh

Weight: 7 pounds

Body dimensions: 9 by 5 by 8 inches

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