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What are the benefits of home battery storage?

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What are the benefits of home battery storage?

Energy storage power is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Battery capacity can range from as little as 1 kWh over 10 kWh. Most households opt for a battery with 10 kilowatt hours of storage capacity, which is the battery’s output when it is fully changed (minus a minimum charge that the battery needs to stay on). 

Considering the question of how much power does a battery store, most homeowners typically chose only their most important appliances to be connected to the battery, such as a refrigerator, a few sockets to charge phones, lights, and the wifi system. In the event of a total  blackout, power stored by a typical 10 kWh battery will last from 10 to 12 hours, depending what the battery is being asked to power. A 10 kWh battery can run a refrigerator for 14 hours, a television for 130 hours, or a single LED light bulb for 1,000 hours.

Thanks to the home energy storage battery, you can increase the amount of self-produced energy you consume instead of consuming it from the energy grid. This is called self-consumption, meaning the capability of homes or businesses to generate their own power, and is an important concept in today’s energy transition. One of the advantages of self-consumption is that customers use the power grid only when they are not using their own self-generated power, allowing them to save on costs and avoid the risk of power outages. Energy independence from self-consumption or going off the grid means you are not reliant on a utility for your energy needs, and are therefore protected from price spikes, supply fluctuations and blackouts. 

If one of your main reasons for installing solar panels is to reduce carbon emissions, adding a battery to your system helps you get the maximum performance in terms of reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and your home’s carbon footprint. 

Home energy storage systems are also cost-effective, since you will be storing  power from a source of clean, renewable energy that is completely free: the sun.

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