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What components make up a portable power station

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What components make up a portable power station

First, a portable power station is an energy storage device, which definitely requires a battery; moreover, because it needs to output AC voltage, it needs the support of the inverter; in addition to these two important components, it also needs AC-DC and DC-DC, a single chip, a fast charging master chip, etc.

The safety of lithium battery products is very important. In order to achieve higher safety, a more accurate battery management system is needed, including the performance of the battery manager itself, which is mainly reflected in the measurement accuracy of voltage, current, and temperature. Only when the measurement accuracy is higher can the battery protection process be safer, more reliable, and more stable, and the battery energy can be fully utilized.

Secondly, the ac-DC power conversion chip industry is very important. Efficient ACe DC power conversion combining a 6.6 kW three-phase bidirectional anpc three-level inverter, a pfc power level reference design, and other small-size designs will help set success rates for conversion and battery technology. Integrated for battery balancing, monitoring, and protection.

For dc-dc devices, since the battery voltage of a portable power station may reach 54 volts, select the high voltage dc-dc controller above 100 volts; moreover, if the lighter port needs to support high current, because the lighter interface is usually 12 volts or 10 a.

In recent years, PD fast charging master control chips have developed rapidly in China, and many chip manufacturers at home and abroad have launched related chips.

In fact, almost all of the portable power stations have a cooling fan, a high-end BLDC motor. In the future, liquid cooling can be used for heat dissipation as the output power and capacity increase. In liquid cooling, in addition to the coolant, water pumps are needed to assist in heat dissipation.

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