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What Is the Best Home Battery Backup System?

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What Is the Best Home Battery Backup System?

All things being equal, more power is better during a blackout.

Part of deciding on the best solution depends on the size of your home and the number of appliances you need to keep running during a blackout. If you are setting up off-grid power for a tiny house, your needs may drive you to a different solution from what you need for a large home and a broad array of appliances. Your household energy consumption will determine the power output and storage you need to keep your home running during a blackout.

The duration of a blackout should also significantly impact your purchase decision. What you need for a daylong power outage differs substantially from what you need for a week.

For maximum energy security, the Smart Home Ecosystem is the superior choice. Over the last ten years, weather-related outages increased by 78% from the previous decade, and, thanks to climate change, it’s likely to get worse.

With extreme weather events more frequent and aging power infrastructure less reliable than ever, the Smart Home Ecosystem gives you the best ability to measure and adjust your usage during an outage. It also gives you the option to expand your output and storage capacity to deliver the power you need.

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