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What Makes Lead Batteries One of the Most Cost Effective Energy Storage Solutions?

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What Makes Lead Batteries One of the Most Cost Effective Energy Storage Solutions?

Lead batteries are highly cost effective. They are an established, economical and primarily domestically sourced battery technology. They can meet our growing energy storage needs today – and tomorrow, via an industry that is uniquely poised to scale-up for future demands.

Lead batteries provide superior cost-benefit value in comparison to other energy storage chemistries.

Lead batteries have been used worldwide for more than 100 years. They help power innovative and safe energy storage solutions, including large renewable energy storage facilities and an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) for vital telecommunications and data centers.

Advanced lead battery technology is also helping make micro- and mild hybrid-electric vehicles more affordable. Thanks to new 48V lead-carbon battery technologies, car manufacturers have a more affordable battery option that can reduce CO2 emissions by 15-20%.

Lead batteries benefit from a circular economy that includes the design, manufacture, collection and recycling of batteries that contributes to their cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The lead battery industry’s solid manufacturing base and coast-to-coast recycling network are models of efficiency which helps make lead batteries more affordable than other storage options.

These cost-effective, sustainable batteries can help us achieve a cleaner and greener future. Lead batteries are the lowest cost option compared with other battery technologies, in terms of both upfront cost and over the lifetime of the system. An initial investment in batteries at a renewable energy facility is $150-$200/kWh compared to other systems that could cost up to three times as much.

As a leader in circularity and recycling, an amazing 99% of lead batteries are recycled in the U.S. As a result, a new lead battery is typically comprised of 80% recycled lead.

Combined with their circular economy and responsible end-of-life protocol, lead batteries are also the most sustainable energy storage.

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