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What should countries pay attention to in portable power station selection?

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What should countries pay attention to in portable power station selection?

Order it whenever it's a portable power station? The answer, of course, is the NO!

portable power station The AC interface may vary in different countries in the world; the first choice is to introduce the voltage standard and standard plug used in the world;

1. Countries using 100V: Japan and North Korea

Countries using 110-130V: Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Panama, Cuba, Lebanon, Mexico, etc.

Countries using 220-230V: United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, Singapore, Hong Kong (200V), Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria, Netherlands, Philippines, Thailand, Norway, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

2. the plug can be roughly divided into national standard plug, American standard plug, English standard plug, European standard plug and South African standard plug five kinds.

3. The gb plug has three flat heads; the American standard plug has one round head and two flat heads; the standard plug has three square heads; the Euro plug has two round heads; the South African standard plug has three round heads.

Different specifications of the socket needs the corresponding plug to match, in the final analysis can be divided into the following five categories:

1. National standard plug

Features: three flat heads

Applicable areas: China, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina

2. U. S. logo plug

Features: one round and two flat

Applicable areas:

The United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries and regions

3. British standard plug

Features: three square heads

Applicable areas: Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Qatar and other countries and regions

4. European standard plug

Features: two round heads

Applicable: Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain Sweden and other EU countries, South Korea, Russia

5. South African label

Features: three round heads

Applicable areas: South Africa, India, Russia

Here are some commonly used plug standards

USA: American power plug standard is NEMA 1-15 and NEMA 5-15, where NEMA 1-15 is suitable for non-ground socket, NEMA 5-15 is suitable for ground socket.

Europe: European power plug standards are CEE 7 / 16, CEE 7 / 17, CEE 7 / 7, etc., different standards are applicable to different countries and regions.

UK: The UK power plug standard is BS 1363, which is a three-pin earth plug.

Australia: Australia's power plug standard is AS / NZS 3112, which is a three-pin grounding plug.

China: Chinese power plug standards are GB 2099.1-2008 and GB 1002-2008, including GB 2099.1-2008.

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