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Why is a portable power station safe and reliable?

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Why is a portable power station safe and reliable?

The BMS (Battery Management System), also known as the battery nanny or battery housekeeper, is composed of all kinds of sensors, actuators, controllers, and signal lines. Its main function is the intelligent management and maintenance of each battery unit, ensuring the design performance of the battery system, preventing battery charge and discharge, and monitoring the operation of the battery. It can be specifically broken down into the following three aspects:

1. Safety: 

protect the battery cell or battery pack from damage and prevent safety accidents;

2. durability: 

so that the battery works in a reliable, safe area, prolonging the service life of the battery;

3. Power performance: 

maintain the battery's working condition to meet the requirements of an outdoor power supply.

Portable power station The self-developed intelligent battery management system (BMS) is used. Not only is the device equipped with an independent cooling fan that can change the temperature to keep the power at a low level for a long time, but it also has charging protection technology with overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, comprehensive six-point protection, automatic adjustment of charge and discharge temperatures, which effectively prolong the battery life and make the device more reliable.

The cell is the basis of the portable power station safety system. What level of cell is used directly determines the safety level of the product. The outdoor power supply uses the car gauge level power cell, and the high-power supply also uses the lithium iron phosphate battery, which can cycle charge and discharge 800-2000 times, be used for 10 years or more, and have higher safety and stability. In addition, the general portable power station also has a highly integrated motherboard, the inverter board, and BMS system two in one, motherboard less, naturally less wiring harness, the layout is more secure, and the system More comprehensive control, the product failure rate is lower, can lay a foundation for the safety of portable power station, do guarantee.

Portable power station In the pursuit of performance, do not forget to take into account the safety of products. Not only should portable power stations become powerful power guarantee equipment in people's lives, but they should also be responsible for the safety of products so that customers can feel at ease with their use and avoid after-sales worry.

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