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Will portable power supplies stay popular?

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Will portable power supplies stay popular?

It will continue to be popular as more and more portable power station are used.

An outdoor power supply is perfect for fishing. For example, bring an outdoor power supply that supports boiling water for cooking and wait for the bait to cook a fishing meal at leisure or make a cup of tea (Fujian people must); Or wild fishing as a guarantee of lighting, warmth, and other needs—isn't it beautiful?

According to CCTV, the number of RVS in China reached 218,000 in 2020, which is the result of rapid growth in recent years. Although the RV has a perfect living and driving system, the outdoor power supply can supply power to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electric blankets, electric kettles, and other equipment, which can not only supplement the RV power system but also become the power guarantee for self-driving travel.

Video cameras, cameras, lights, tracks, monitors, and other strange things need to be charged or powered. Personnel's mobile phones, tablets, and computers also need to be charged. Having several outdoor power supplies can indeed improve efficiency and make power supplies more convenient. There is also UAV photography, and so on. Outdoor power supplies can solve the problems of short endurance and difficult charging of UAVs in outdoor flight so as to improve the efficiency of UAV outdoor operation.

Considering that outdoor live broadcasting is mostly carried out by teams, it is a good solution to carry outdoor power sources as power sources. For example, mobile phones (sometimes two or more), fill lights, audio equipment, and other equipment need to be charged; one or two charging banks are difficult to meet; or an adequate outdoor power supply is suitable.

Aquaculture's close communication with the sea of friends is, in fact, very suitable for the purchase of outdoor power and solar panels and the use of sufficient sunlight to generate electricity. For friends on board, the noise is much less; for friends on the island, electricity is also a layer of security, and some emergencies will have more room to turn around.

We all know that the northwest is vast, and some fields in the electricity network are really difficult. Outdoor power sources can help people recharge their batteries, connect to the Internet, and connect to the outside world. Outdoor power is suitable for most smart farming scenarios.

Outdoor operation Intelligent agriculture also belongs to outdoor operations in a sense, and there are emergency and rescue scenarios, such as mines, oil fields, geological exploration, emergency electricity for geological disaster rescue, field maintenance of the telecommunication department, medical equipment, small miniature first aid instruments, emergency electricity, etc. The field conditions are complex, the area is vast, the lack of power supply and wiring difficulties make long-term operations difficult, and with no electricity available, high power supply costs, power supply instability, and other problems, many outdoor operations are difficult. Outdoor power supplies, which are portable, stable, and low-cost electricity, can be successfully used in this area.

In terms of emergency rescue, all kinds of accidents, disasters, or events are unexpected, complicated, and uncertain. Even in an accident, infrastructure such as power can be damaged. Faced with this scenario, it used to be the top of the generator, but its size and weight are not dominant, and it also needs fuel. Outdoor power supplies are different. With solar panels and other tools, it can be used as a group power supply that can undertake lighting, charging, power supply, cooking, boiling water, and other tasks perfectly adapted to the site.

In addition to the many functions described above, outdoor power sources are gradually replacing diesel generators to assume the "power generation" function.

It is one of the main characteristics of the stall economy to have large liquidity, and many vendors basically have no fixed business points, so the electricity supply of stalls becomes a primary problem.

Conventional mobile power sources often cannot guarantee long battery life, while traditional car batteries are bulky, inconvenient to carry, and have a single function. And outdoor power supplies are perfect to solve these problems; they can be said to be the only choice.

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